Case Studies

SONiC vs DentOS: Analysis and Comparison

Get valuable insights into the industry's most popular open NOSes, SONiC and DentOS, to choose the best-fit option.

SONiC-DASH API Implementation for Fungible DPU

Design and development of DASH control plane software on the Fungible DPU as a PoC.

Building a SONiC-Based Switch Product

Design and development of a new data center switch based on an open software, SONiC, starting from assessment, PoC, hardening and extension of critical features, NOS product delivery, and up to post-sales support.

SwitchDev Driver Development for a Switch Silicon Vendor

Development, testing and implementation of the SwitchDev driver, the essential component of DentOS, for the Client's switch silicon family, enabling the growth of its white-box market segment. Upstreaming of the developed, hardware-dependent SwitchDev driver to the Linux Kernel community.

SONiC Network OS Testing for an Ethernet Switching Portfolio

Quality assurance for SONiC, the rapidly developing open-source NOS on a product portfolio of Ethernet switches for hyper-scale Data Centers.

A Guide to Open Source NOS: SONiC, Stratum and DentOS

Based on PLVision's experience in NOS development and integration, we've analyzed the industry's hottest open-source Network Operating Systems: SONiC, Stratum, and the freshly released DentOS.

Product Lifecycle Support of SONiC-Enabled Switches

Supporting the product lifecycle of SONiC-enabled switches of a leading global white box vendor, including end customer deployments.

SDN Implementation and Integration for Telecom and Industrial Segments

A collection of four case studies demonstrating excellence in SDN implementation and integration - from ASIC level to SDN Controllers and Orchestrators.

Open Source NOS (SONiC) Integration for a Hardware Product

Enablement of SONiC network operating system (NOS) for a hardware product of a leading global networking equipment vendor.

Switch Software Development and Silicon Validation for Data Center Solution

Software development and validation for high capacity Ethernet switch L2-L3 Data Center Equipment by a leading semiconductor product vendor.

P4 Enablement of a Network Hardware Product

Development of P4 compilation and management toolset for Telco-grade hardware - an FPGA-based SmartNIC.

Network Operating System Development for a Broadcom-Based Switch

End-to-end software development and verification for a high capacity data center network switch.

SDN Solution for Network Load Balancing

Development of an infrastructure SDN solution for network load balancing in the Customer’s data center, based on OpenFlow, OpenDaylight, OvS.

SDN Traffic Steering Solution Development

Development of an SDN solution for traffic steering in the network infrastructure for a European Internet service provider.

Smart Home Solution PoC

A proof of concept of a scalable OpenHAB-based smart home solution enabling energy consumption optimization as well as comfort, home security, safety and media control.

The Lighting World: Industrial Light & Power Automation

Innovative real-time management and monitoring solution of lighting and power supply, resulting in drastic energy efficiency improvement

Sleep Tracking Wearable Technology Solution

Hardware and software design for a high-accuracy wearable sleep tracking device with implementation of advanced data visualization techniques

Test Automation for DPDK Ecosystem Plugins

Increased automated test cases coverage and improved product quality - on a very aggressive project timeline

Test Automation for Switching Protocol Stack

Implementation of a test automation approach that resulted in improved project visibility, as well as significant optimization

SDN-Enabled Corporate Wi-Fi

Solution prototype development for corporate Wi-Fi system supporting automatic wireless authentication for BYOD

North-Bound API for Data Center Networking Solution

Firmware development for high capacity data center switch product family with support of programmable interfaces

Experimental OpenFlow Fields: PoC

Enabling OpenFlow protocol extensions to support valuable vendor-specific features on OpenFlow-compatible Layer3 switch

Wireless Location Tracking System

A turnkey object tracking platform for manufacturing companies, implemented with best practices of Industry 4.0 paradigm

Assets Performance Monitoring Solution

Full-stack Industrial IoT solution for remote management of printing assets, providing significant cost savings via automation

SDN R&D for the Industrial Sector

Research and development of a virtual industrial SDN switch, contributing to the startup Customer winning a $2M contract