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Not a PLVision SONiC, but an open, vendor-neutral software – with no strings attached

With its great success among hyperscalers, SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud), a Linux-based network operating system, is an appealing option for new markets. Numerous commercial SONiC distributions are fundamentally incompatible with the very idea of open source, creating an inevitable vendor lock-in with no free access to sources, growing OPEX and significant differences with community SONiC.

However, selecting an appropriate community version, matching it with the right networking hardware, configuring and testing certain SONiC features for your use case can feel like mission impossible. Entrust your SONiC journey to a community-experienced partner like PLVision for a hassle-free transition from proprietary systems or a smooth, fast launch of your new SONiC-based networking product.


  • SONiC facilitates significant cost reduction through vendor independence and variety.
  • You can benefit from SONiC’s flexibility, extensible, container-based architecture and ability to keep up with the pace of innovations, as well as its growing ecosystem of over 1,000 members.
  • As a unified NOS, it helps you handle your entire network, from the datacenter to the edge.

SONiC Core: Our Initiative

An initiative to simplify and speed up SONiC deployments and SONiC-based product development and adopt it in new markets. It stands on multi-dimensional vendor neutrality. SONiC Core includes:

  • Hardened, proven SONiC codebase for specific use cases
  • Tooling and automation for CI/CD and lab deployment
  • Maintenance and support
  • Staff training
  • Assistance with selection of the most suitable SONiC version and networking equipment
  • Capabilities for testing products of any size with the help of our partner, Keysight

SONiC Lite: Simplified for Your Hardware

Same old SONiC shaped to fit tight hardware constraints. Ideal for access level and management platforms.

Key SONiC-Based Offerings

SONiC-Related Services

for companies that need help with open-source SONiC customization

  • Scope-driven approach – you have predictability and control over time and budget
  • Commitment to a high level of performance
  • Flexibility in getting exactly what you need in ever-changing market conditions
  • No need to keep a static team and worry about employee attrition – we’ll handle that for you
  • Easy change management procedure
  • Upstreaming to open source upon your request
  • Only defined scope or outcome is needed to start (e.g., platform enablement, PoC/Demo, etc.)
Custom Product Development

for companies that want to follow the success of hyperscalers

  • Product created for your specific use case
  • Easy to apply the best networking practices
  • No need to maintain an in-house team for support and maintenance
  • SONiC stabilization and development of new features required for your use case
  • You are not vendor-locked with your final product; we use the community version of SONiC

Why PLVision as Your SONiC Partner

  • 15 years of experience providing services for switch silicon
  • 7 years developing SONiC expertise, alongside leading ASIC vendors
  • 200+ professionals, including 180+ networking engineers
  • OCP member, active contributor to open-source NOS communities (SONiC, DENT OS, Stratum)
  • Operates a SONiC Center of Excellence, project- and non-project-specific architectural councils
  • IP security (NDA, ISO 27001 certification)
  • Stably growing (34.2% increase since the beginning of 2022)

Building a SONiC-Based Switch Product

Download the case study to learn how PLVision built a data center switch powered by SONiC for a telecom equipment vendor.

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