SONiC Adoption for Your Enterprise Network Infrastructure

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Key SONiC networking adoption industries

Cloud SPs
Cloud SPs
Telco SPs
Telco SPs

Typical use cases: 

  • L3 Fabric Underlay. 
  • Network Fabric Underlay for Cloud deployments. 
  • Multi-tenancy with VxLAN & eVPN.
  • Management and access.

Building your Enterprise network with SONiC: PLVision's offerings

We leverage hands-on expertise with numerous switch silicon SDK (Broadcom, Intel, Mellanox, Marvell, Barefoot Networks and more) which allows us to quickly select the most suitable hardware and customize SONiC for your use case. Experienced in adoption of SONiC for various use cases since its launch to open source, we can guide you through the entire SONiC adoption journey, or cover any of the following:

  • Community SONiC qualification and validation for your use case.
  • Choosing the best hardware fit for your SONiC adoption.
  • Extending SONiC with business-critical features to meet your network design and requirements. 
  • Ensuring the quality of SONiC running on selected platform and integration it into your infrastructure CI/CD process. 
  • Continuous support and upgrades of your custom SONiC software based on new community releases. 
  • SONiC 101 training (deep-dive interactive course including hands-on labs) for your network operators.

How we organize SONiC adoption for Enterprises

  • An active player in the SONiC ecosystem, PLVision offers end-to-end open NOS adoption for our clients leveraging our coveted experience in low-level networking and SONiC community involvement to stay up to date with the latest developments:
  • While customizing this popular OS, we focus on your business needs and provide a SONiC build on an optimal platform, which is easy to scale and integrate with third-party solutions.
  • Instead of providing PLVision SONiC distributive, we customize the Community SONiC for your needs while ensuring further knowledge transfer, training, and support for your SONiC. This way, you can take full advantage of SONiC’s new functionality continuously added through the community’s efforts. 

3 proven phases of SONiC adoption for your use case

 Validation and client use case definition

Validation and client use case definition

  • Contact us and get started with your needs and infrastructure analysis 
  • Define your use case (scenarios, topologies, functionality) with our architects and engineers 
  • Pick best-fit version of SONiC and hardware for your use case  
  • Get your SONiC adoption roadmap
SONiC solution prototyping, development and deployment

SONiC solution prototyping, development and deployment

  • Validation of the SONiC solution PoC for the defined use case  
  • Initial SONiC build running on your selected hardware 
  • Hardening and extension of critical NOS features and test cases 
  • Verification of the additional developed features to fully support your use case
Maintenance and post-launch support

Maintenance and post-launch support

  • Enterprise-grade support for your SONiC 
  • SONiC training for your network operators

PLVision's SONiC case studies

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Building a SONiC-Based Switch Product

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