SDN-Enabled Corporate Wi-Fi

Project Overview

The project developed a corporate Wi-Fi system for transparent and secure BYOD device authentication

Customer Profile

Proprietary prototype development project

Challenges Challenges

  • Complicated solution topology, with complex communication scheme between network elements
  • Need to take into account BYOD mobile devices, Wireless AP and routers, management portal, all in multiple locations and from multiple vendors.

Technical Highlights Technical Highlights

  • Created a centralized authentication portal for BYOD devices
  • Implemented centralized network configuration via SDN controller
  • Enabled WiFi access point configuration via OpenFlow protocol
  • Enabled unified end-to-end cross-platform connectivity for communication with iDigi Device Cloud.

Business Value

  • Provided transparent and secure authentication for BYOD devices in a corporate wireless network, significantly reducing technical support effort and cost, while increasing quality of experience
  • Enabled easy single-point administration of the entire system, producing a faster and more efficient system management.