Experimental OpenFlow Fields: PoC

Project Overview

The project developed an SDN solution prototype consisting of OpenFlow-compatible Layer3 switch and customized open source SDN controller.

Customer Profile

A proprietary research project, with deliverables and expertise that have been used in a wide range of high tech SDN projects for our customers.

Challenges Challenges

  • OpenDaylight controller complexity and relative immaturity at the time of development (2014)
  • No prior similar implementations available for reference.

Technical Highlights Technical Highlights

  • Implemented 10+ experimental matches, 15+ actions
  • Developed OpenDaylight plugins and patches.

Business Value

  • Gained strong expertise in OpenFlow experimental extensions, and OpenDaylight, permitting us to deliver expert SDN solutions and consultancy to our customers
  • Radically decreased time-to-market for SDN-related projects by fast prototyping and core assumptions validation.