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Offloading you from porting SONiC to your hardware

Community SONiC is an industry-standard for disaggregating network switches. If you aim to stay competitive with your networking equipment and offer Community SONiC among other options to your end users, porting SONiC should be on your list.   

However, with every new product or even minor changes to your existing networking equipment, you must ensure compatibility with Community SONiC. With your equipment supporting this open NOS you stay competitive, drive down the BOM costs per unit and offer more efficient products to the end users. To save time and money, offload porting SONiC to your devices to PLVision. We possess extensive knowledge, hands-on expertise, and a strong presence in the SONiC Community and OCP (Open Compute Project), making SONiC porting a seamless process that requires minimal effort on your part, allowing you to remain focused on your core business objectives.  

Get SONiC ported to your equipment in three simple steps

PLVision is an active member of the SONiC Community, and our engineers leverage their expertise in open Network Operating Systems (NOSes) to expand the range of use cases supported by Community SONiC in data centers, edge networks, and campus deployments. We follow these three steps to port SONiC to a new device:  

  • Assessment – define the aspects that need to be ported to Community SONiC
  • Porting – make SONiC run on your networking equipment
  • Adding to the upstream Community (optional) – make sure Community SONiC works properly with your equipment with each 6-month update. It allows you to forget about porting till the next product to launch 

With the enabled Community SONiC your products become more competitive on the market, meeting the nowadays needs of the end users in flexible and efficient solutions for disaggregated networks.  

Considering porting Community SONiC to your networking equipment?

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