Who we are

PLVision is a trusted custom software development company, specializing in SDN (Software Defined Networking), NFV (Network Function Virtualization) and IoT, with a track record of serving global businesses since 2007.

We help network equipment, semiconductor and software vendors embed or enhance network connectivity functionality in their products, activating more addressable market. Our customers are growing their products faster, thanks to our in-depth expertise in Layer 2, Layer 3 network protocols, open source platforms and our profound experience with four of most popular merchant switch silicons (Intel, Cavium, Mellanox and Broadcom chips).

We enable system integrators and industrial companies to accelerate the development of IoT solutions and automate their business processes, powered by our highly scalable and customizable IoT platform with a unique set of connectivity features and protocols.

Headquartered in Krakow, Poland, with development offices in Ukraine, PLVision offers the classic benefits of classic outsourcing combined with high organizational and execution maturity, business continuity and security as well as rapid customer and project on-boarding.

Key Offerings

  • NOS Development and Integration (FBOSS, SONiC/SAI, OPX)
  • Network Controllers Integration (ONOS/CORD, Opendaylight, Openstack)
  • SmartNIC Firmware Development (OS development, protocols, features)
  • Network Function Implementation on NiC
  • SDN/NFV/Network Functionality Enablement
Internet of Things
  • Asset Management System Development
  • Cloud Platform Development and Customization
  • Embedded Systems and Firmware Development
  • New Protocols and Connectivity Features
  • Core Product Enhancements and Components Development
  • Product Provisioning and Integration

PLVision: Key facts and figures

3 locations
Employees, Architects and Consultants
20%Architects and Consultants
ISO certification (27001:2013)
  • ISO Logo
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Partnership and Membership

Our Values



We work at the cutting edge of innovation and we are among the first in our industry to adopt innovative, emerging technologies. We solve challenges of "rocket science" complexity in our niche.
Customer Business Success

Customer Business Success

Our main purpose is to enable our customers to evolve and grow their businesses, or help them achieve ambitious goals along the way. We apply a carefully tailored approach to collaboration based on our understanding of the customer's business context.


We have a history of long-lasting relationships with many of our customers and employees. That's because each of us is committed to delivering the best experience.
Team Spirit

Team Spirit

We pride ourselves on our strong, close knit community with a unique sense of team spirit, open dialogue and collaboration. Our customer is a key part of our team.