SwitchDev Driver Development for a Switch Silicon Vendor

Client Profile and Business Need

  • The Client is a leading, US-based semiconductor company, pursuing a new market share of white box clients.
  • SwitchDev driver’s availability from the ASIC vendor enables end users to deploy their choice of a supporting Linux-based OS on their networking platform. As a result, they can eliminate the vendor lock-in of proprietary systems. This change enables cost-efficiency throughout the supply chain while making the product applicable and affordable for a wide range of industries–ranging from ROBO, SMB, and SOHO, up to enterprise data centers.

  • The Client aspired to grow their business in the white-box market. To strengthen the Client’s position, their switch silicon product needed to be complemented with specific open-source software.
  • The implemented SwitchDev driver for the Client’s switch silicon family supports DentOS, targeted at Enterprise Edge use cases, on white-box platforms.

Download the Case Study to learn about: Download the Case Study to learn about:

  • The project’s technical complexity, as well as its highlights and stages
  • Success factors of the SwitchDev driver implementation along with the required experience and background for a service partner
  • Collaboration specifics with open-source communities within the project
  • Deliverables and business benefits obtained by the Client and their end users due to the SwitchDev driver’s availability.

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