Smart Home Solution PoC

Project Overview

Development of a flexible, easily scalable and cost-effective B2B solution PoC for smart home, office or building, that allows for quick implementation and elimination of hardware vendor-lock in.

Project Type

In-house R&D project

Challenges Challenges

  • High cost of ready made smart home platforms
  • Hardware vendor lock-in
  • Limited scalability, time-consuming scaling

Technical Highlights Technical Highlights

  • Solution based on OpenHAB2, a basic open source smart home platform
  • 10+ various connected devices (from radiator and air conditioner to lights and TV)
  • Use of a universal remote control mechanism
  • One button to disable all devices
  • Possibility of сustom driver implementation for devices
  • Dashboards based on the available functionality (supporting mobile devices)
Smart Home energy dashboard

Dashboard 1. Energy consumption


Dashboard 2. Comfort control

Business Value

  • Quick PoC implementation (1-month platform bring-up)
  • Solution for smart home, building or office, enabling: 
    • energy consumption optimization;
    • comfort (light, climate and air quality);
    • home security;
    • safety (water, gas leakage, smoke detection, etc.);
    • media control.
  • Easy scalability and flexibility, compatibility with nearly all types of hardware
  • Cost-effectiveness due to the use of open source components