Wireless Location Tracking System

Project Overview

The project provided optimization of logistics in warehouses and assembly line, enabling a cost-effective and accurate solution to track vast quantities of objects, as well as reduce downtime costs caused by jams and collisions on the shop floor.

Customer Profile

A company developing beacon gateways and beacon remote management systems

Challenges Challenges

  • Need to provide high accuracy location tracking of huge quantities of objects
  • Non-intrusive system deployment required with no significant changes to existing infrastructure

Technical Highlights Technical Highlights

  • Implemented Bluetooth Low Energy based wireless mesh network to enable fast, low cost, energy-efficient, reliable and flexible network infrastructure
  • Used proprietary wireless technology for object position detection (bidirectional beacon-based)
  • Developed cloud-based applications for real-time data availability & analytics

Business Value

  • Reduced downtime by minimizing number of collisions and other incidents
  • Increased assembly line productivity via automation with proximity tracking
  • Optimized logistics of spare parts and components, resulting in cost savings on delivery and replenishment via data analytics

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