Assets Performance Monitoring Solution

Project Overview

The project’s purpose is to optimize maintenance cost of the printing assets, minimize manual intervention, as well as optimize utilization and consumption of consumables.

Customer Profile

An enterprise company owning printing assets across a distributed infrastructure in multiple locations worldwide.

Challenges Challenges

  • Legacy equipment nodes with limited and unsecure connectivity capabilities
  • Need to keep legacy equipment integrated with the solution
  • Assets located in multiple physical locations

Technical Highlights Technical Highlights

  • Enabled remote real-time asset monitoring, management, and data collection & analytics via proprietary cloud
  • Provided support of analog and digital sensors
  • Designed hardware proxy for secured Machine-to-Cloud communication

Business Value Business Value

  • Significant cost saving on manual diagnostics and maintenance expenses by enabling remote diagnostics
  • Optimized resource delivery logistics and planning via prediction of supplies, replenishment, and equipment maintenance
  • Increased productivity and assets utilization via performance monitoring and predictive analysis

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