Open Source NOS (SONiC) Integration for a Hardware Product

Project Overview

Integration of Customer’s hardware product, a high capacity L2-L3 Ethernet switch silicon, with SONiC, an open source NOS for routers and switches.

Customer Profile

A leading global semiconductor company, specializing in high performance network equipment and ASIC production.

Business Need Business Need

As SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) is a popular open source NOS with a large and growing ecosystem of hardware and software partners, the Customer required to ensure the support of this operating system in their hardware product to open up new market opportunities for their equipment and showcase their industry leadership.

Technical Highlights Technical Highlights

  • SAI (Switch Abstraction Interface) API implementation for a specific switch silicon using Customer’s SDK (Software Development Kit), enabling SONiC software stack operation on Customer’s hardware product.
  • Support of SONiC sequential releases and continual alignment of functional compatibility of Customer’s hardware product with SONiC mainline.
  • Implementation of new features, maintenance of existing components, release regression testing and bug fixing.
  • Integration of SONiC with third party open source network management stacks as well as configuration and enablement of specific features using SONiC CLI (Command Line Interface).
  • ONIE (Open Network Install Environment) adaptation to a specific network device based on the Customer’s switch ASIC.

Business Benefits Business Benefits

  • By integrating their hardware product with SONiC NOS, that has gained wide industry adoption over the last years, the Customer obtained the opportunity to expand the market for their networking equipment and offer it to OCP (Open Compute Project) product consumers (Microsoft, Alibaba and others), who rely on SONiC to operate their data centers.
  • With contribution of PLVision’s professional team, the Customer manages to keep their product up-to-date with SONiC regularly released capabilities and features, which enables them to stay on top of technology trends and maintain market leadership.