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The customer is one of the major companies in smart hardware development for Oil and Gas industry. The customer has several Legacy projects that require migration and update, and a new project that will provide new user products to the market.

New project is Cloud solution for IoT devices data processing and management:

  • Receive data from end devices;
  • Store and pre-process data
  • Display information in a user-readable form
  • Add additional Cloud-based services to improve user experience and simplify for End Users operations with devices and data
Dedicated recruiter:
Taras Leskiv
Recruitment Lead

Responsibilities Responsibilities

  • Participation in solution architecture development

  • Searching for the best technical tools to implement the solution

  • Tasks estimation, reporting on task progress and status

  • Code development

  • Code review

Requirements Requirements

Node.js (backend) experience

  • Experience with design/development of backend server-side applications and the use of existing frameworks such as fastify, nest.js, sails.js, etc

  • Experience in integrating with database engines such as MongoDB / SQLServer

React.js (frontend) experience

  • Experience with design/development client-side applications using React.js

  • Experience with React.JS GUI Frameworks such as Material UI, Semantic UI, etc.

  • Experience with Global State Containers such as Redux or even newer technologies using react hooks

Database Design/Development Experience

  • Experience with one of MongoDB//CouchDB/CosmosDB

  • Experience with MS SQL Server / SQL Syntax

Deployment/Docker experience

  • Experience with Docker: setting up containers hosting the Node.js code.

  • Experience with process managers for Node.js such as PM2, forever, etc.

Would be a plus Would be a plus

  • Understanding Microsoft Azure or any cloud system

  • Knowledge of JavaScript Angular (1.5) for legacy code support (future projects will use React.js)

  • Understanding PLC

  • Understanding OPC UA

  • Some experience with Java/Tomcat or ASP.NET Core / C# for legacy code support (future projects will use Node.JS)

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