Offshore Development – How We Work with You

For over a decade we have been combining the latest technologies and modern project management practices to provide our Customers with a full range of software engineering and validation services.

As your trusted technology partner, we strive to ensure that our processes are transparent and flexible enough to be adjusted to your specific needs. Therefore, apart from our core agile approach to running a project, we apply phased, incremental or hybrid methodologies to build highly customized software products on time and within budget.   

Our collaboration approach

PLVision has established a proven process of project delivery, ensuring its proper ramp-up and smooth implementation. Discover these simple steps to get a better visibility of how we are going to start our collaboration and deliver results.

1. Prompt response

1. Prompt response

Once you reach out to us, we will get back to you the next business day to explore your objectives. We respect your business confidentiality and, therefore, are ready to sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, prior to any exchange of sensitive information.
2. Discovery

2. Discovery

Depending on your request, we will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire to assess your needs and translate them into a project roadmap matching your goals, resources and timeline. We are happy to consider an onsite visit or invite you to our premises so we can meet face-to-face for a more productive discussion and deeper research.

3. Initial proposal

You will be presented a proposal with 30-day validity period, providing a clear vision of the team profile, project duration and budget required to meet your business needs.
4. Project launch

4. Project launch

After project deliverables and timelines are negotiated, you will be provided with a Master Service Agreement and a Statement of Work. Once the documents are signed, we will proceed to the implementation phase.

5. Execution and control

During this stage we will perform design and implementation of software features and components, as well as select and conduct relevant types of testing to confirm that all your requirements, industry standards and security issues are met.
6. Maintenance and support

6. Maintenance and support

As your product goes live, feedback and requests from your end-users are unavoidable. We will ensure that your product gets timely support, with all issues and enquiries resolved promptly.

Engagement Models

Below are just a couple of popular frameworks that define collaboration between our clients and us. We are ready to discuss and work out the best model that matches your needs, helping you innovate and drive your business to success. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Dedicated Team

PLVision will build an engineering team to join your product development. Our Networking software experts cover design, development, and quality assurance stages. Team size and skillset are aligned with the changing requirements and your business needs. We involve only experts with specialized skills targeted specifically at the technical context of your project.

Offshore Development Center

PLVision will create a fully-functional software R&D center to cover multiple projects or products at the same time. Offshore development center is the best approach for dynamically allocating engineering expertise to your business’s critical directions.

All you need to do is declare your needs and get back for results. Recruiting, management and back office expenses will be fully handled by PLVision, creating a self-sufficient development department that operates in accordance with your policies, procedures, and work culture.

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