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Open Network Operating System (SONiC) Challenges

Offering advantages like scalability and flexibility, the white box model results in new challenges for network switch and ASIC businesses. There are numerous issues with the use of an open network operating system (NOS): modification, quality, support, and the overall ownership, which remain open in comparison to the traditional proprietary software managed by a vendor. Overcoming these challenges requires a specific, niche software expertise, which is not reasonable for a hardware company to keep in-house. The white box reality calls for a new type of technology vendor that fits into the new paradigm’s supply chain.

Thanks to the contribution of the growing community, OCP’s SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) has become increasingly popular and is currently the most mature open switch software for data centers. Still, there is a scarcity among vendors’ experience in SONiC integration, adaptation, release management, and support. Businesses such as switch silicon vendors, OEMs/ODMs, and resellers, need a reliable and knowledgeable partner to entrust their SONiC activities. A partner who will guarantee customer satisfaction and secure numerous other benefits.

Why PLVision as Your SONiC Open Software Vendor?

  • A wealth of SONiC experience, since its launch to open source, including the integration with various merchant silicons
  • Vast Switch Silicon Software Expertise (Broadcom, Intel, Mellanox, Marvell, Barefoot Networks), which is critical in delivering SONiC projects 
  • Profound knowledge of the release management cycle for network operating systems, as well as switching and routing products.

What is SONiC Care Suite?

The SONiC Care Suite was developed on the basis of PLVision’s experience in providing SONiC-based software services to our clients, networking industry leaders, since the launch of the network operating system to open source. Our deep technology expertise, along with a history of successful client deliveries, resulted in the development of this comprehensive service program. This development has allowed our services to correspond with the various scenarios that network hardware vendors and distributors are experiencing. 

Whether you’re looking to integrate your product with SONiC open software, influentially contribute to the community, keep up with SONiC releases, or support your end customer deployments, PLVision’s SONiC Care Suite covers all of it. It is a comprehensive, “à la carte”, 4-level service program, in which you can select from based on your specific business needs.

SONiC-Based Product Development

Have you brought your networking platform to SONiC? With its increasing popularity and industry adoption, it’s time you do. Starting small, with a PoC, we can integrate your network hardware – a switch silicon, switch, or router – with SONiC, the most popular open source switch software.

This will enable you to expand your addressable market, offering your product to OCP community members like Microsoft, Alibaba and others, who rely on SONiC to operate their data centers.

We also offer further extension and ongoing support of SONiC subsequent releases plus, community engagement to keep pace with release cycles for ongoing SONiC development.

The following services are offered on Level 1:

Software Engineering
  • Platform part integration
  • Switch-specific SAI development
  • Enabling SONiC features on a new platform
  • Resolving issues in existent SONiC and SAI implementation
Quality Assurance
  • Test lab infrastructure setup and maintenance (CI/CD)
  • Regression runs for community versions 
  • Basic scaling, performance and custom tests 



Interested in our view of the SONiC integration for your product and software engineering teams? Download the abstract of an indicative engineering services proposal based on PLVision's experience of SONiC integration on major merchant silicon platforms.

Development of SONiC-Based Innovative Features

We can help you increase your product’s competitive advantage and differentiation through the implementation of innovative features. You can also drive your influence in the SONiC community by providing design, covering implementation, and enabling the continuous availability of quality releases of your product for community members.

The following services are offered on Level 2:

Software Engineering
  • Design documentation for new features and submission for community reviews and approvals
  • Implementation of new components and integration with upcoming SONiC releases
  • Development testing


Quality Assurance
  • Test implementation to ensure coverage of new features
  • New feature testing and SONiC regression runs


SONiC-Based Product Lifecycle Support

With new SONiC releases coming out every six months, it is critical for equipment vendors to enable their white boxes with SONiC’s latest version, ensuring the highest quality and richest set of features available. In addition, switch silicon vendors should update SAI (Switch Abstraction Interface API), used as a standard interface between SONiC and silicon vendor software.

We refresh SONiC/SAI on your platform, helping you keep pace with community progress. The development of additional features in both hardware and software, as well as lifecycle support of a SONiC-enabled product, serves as a competitive advantage for your business and can easily be handled by our team.

The following services are offered on Level 3:

Software Engineering
  • Enabling new features introduced in next SONiC releases
  • Resolving security issues
  • Debugging and investigating end customer issues
  • Updating documentation
Quality Assurance
  • Creating and maintaining testing infrastructure (CI/CD)
  • Product-specific automated tests implementation and execution
  • Results analysis and report preparation, release approval based on quality criteria
  • Release hardening cycles

Are you looking for a fast, simple, and efficient way to secure the quality of your final SAI-based solution? Discover PLVision's SAI Challenger, a re-imagined approach for SAI’s functional and integration testing, based on SONiC’s native infrastructure.

Sustaining and Supporting SONiC in End Customer Deployments

We can maintain the quality of your product’s SONiC version by solving application issues in customer deployments, including functionality extension. To ensure correct product behavior in specific network topologies, we can assist you with brownfield integration. Also, to help you enhance the capabilities of your customer’s network infrastructure, we ensure a comprehensive knowledge transfer for your R&D, or network architecture team, covering the operational aspects of SONiC.

The following services are offered on Level 4:

Software Engineering
  • Supporting deployment and running SONiC in end-customer environment
  • Debugging, investigating and troubleshooting in-field issues
  • Personnel training and knowledge transfer
Quality Assurance
  • Customer issue reproduction and troubleshooting in a lab environment
  • Creating and maintaining testing infrastructure  

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