Open Source Network Operating System Integration and Support

While being focused on new features development for their product, OEM businesses are often distracted by numerous non-core tasks like:

  • quality control and maintenance of open-source switching software running on their boxes;
  • adapting it for various customer deployments;
  • setting up their equipment on brand new chips.

With a track record of open networking software integration on a wide range of hardware platforms, including both low-end and high-end product lines, PLVision can become an owner of NOS adaptation for your OEM business.

Our expertise covers:

  • Network Operating Systems integration and porting – SONiC, OPX, FBOSS, Stratum;
  • Product hardening and automation testing using TAF3 framework;
  • Post release maintenance and support.

Let’s discuss how we can help you meet the goals on your engineering roadmap and open up new market opportunities for your product!

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