SDN Solutions and Product Development

NOS Development and Integration

Large enterprises and service providers, managing hyper-scale data centers, often require the network hardware product to meet specific functional requirements. To address these markets, OEMs – both white box and proprietary platform vendors – need the embedded ASIC to be integrated with a particular NOS (network operating system). Furthermore, NOS should be extended to expose ASIC’s value added features to the user on a certain switch or server hardware.

Our SDN solutions offer semiconductor and equipment vendors the ability to integrate their products with popular open source NOSes (FBOSS, SONiC/SAI, OPX) and proprietary software stacks.  We also help customers build their own products by developing a custom NOS to meet their specific network requirements.

SDN Solutions: Northbound Interface Implementation

To be operated in a software-defined networking environment (ODL, ONOS), a network element like a switch or a NIC needs a specific software layer – Northbound interface (OpenFlow, P4RT, NETCONF), a protocol for communication between an SDN controller and a hardware dataplane.

We offer network equipment and NIC vendors the implementation of Northbound protocols for their hardware and its integration with a particular management plane (SDN controller). Usually, each network element has its own specific features (tunneling, encapsulation, etc.) that are not covered by Northbound protocol standard, so we are extending the Northbound interfaces and developing controller applications to enable configuration of these features.

Network Software Acceleration on NIC

SmartNIC manufacturers are striving to enter the data centers of Telco and Cloud providers by offering them to offload the traffic processing from servers to NIC which allows for high speed processing and extended bandwidth capacity. The load on the server is decreased, resulting in free CPU cycles for “paid” workload for other jobs such as hosting business applications or databases. This helps end clients to decrease their CAPEX and power consumption in data centers while scaling their operations, also eliminating the need for top of the rack switches.

By enabling the support of various control stack technologies for their product, SmartNIC vendors are expanding the number of use cases and winning new markets. The SDN solutions we develop enable NIC integration and control on several levels: OS and drivers, frameworks and technologies (OvS, DPDK, P4, SR-IOV) and network focused applications (VNFs, virtualized fabrics used in CORD/Trellis/ONOS; OpenStack).

"We’re happy with their output and the quality of their work. They have a methodical, design-oriented approach to solving problems. They use a product development perspective rather than just executing what you tell them."

Director of Software Engineering, Networking Firm

Case Studies

North-Bound API for Data Center Networking Solution

Open Source NOS (SONiC) Integration for a Hardware Product

Network Switch Operating System Development and Verification

Explore P4 - one of the hottest trends in Networking! In contrast to OpenFlow, it takes network switch management to the next level by bringing programmability to the forwarding plane. PLVision has already started applying P4 programming in a Networking project for a large global semiconductor vendor.

Embedded Networking expertise

Our profound experience with four merchant switch silicon families (Broadcom, Intel, Cavium and Mellanox chips) ensures deep understanding of typical risks of network software development cycle, helping us implement complex scenarios and produce predictable results for our customers.

NOS Hardware Integration
NOS Hardware Integration
  • BSP and SDK development and integration
  • Embedded software development for SoC, NPU and FPGA
  • Linux integration, drivers development, white-box platforms integration
  • Ethernet switch silicon and Network processor integration
NOS Features Development
NOS Features Development
  • Wide range of Layer 2, Layer3 Protocol Stack development (Ethernet, LLDP, VLAN, MPLS, BGP, RSTP, OSPF, etc.)
  • Overlay network protocols implementation (VXLAN, GRE, NVGRE)
  • Third party network stack protocols integration (Quagga, OpenSwitch, MetaSwitch, Aricent)

Aiming to provide the most comfortable user experience for those working with OvS, PLVision has created the Open vMonitor — an intuitive web-based interface for Open vSwitch monitoring.

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