Senior Python Backend Engineer



We are a software R&D firm, specializing in Computer Networking, Embedded Systems, and the Internet of Things Connectivity, operating on the global market since 2007.

We are looking for Python Вack-end developer who understands Clouds behavior and its various components. Our client is a leader in the network security virtualization based in North America, with a focus on enterprise high-performance networks (10G / 100G / Multi-100G).

The client’s product is a virtual infrastructure manager that controls the security virtualization platform, from the computing infrastructure and load balancing up to virtual machines, and helps easily create virtual firewalls for the networking equipment.

Dedicated recruiter:
Taras Leskiv
Recruitment Lead

Requirements Requirements

  • 10+ years of development experience

  • 5+ years of Cloud applications programming

  • 5+ years of Python development experience

  • Experience of using and developing RESTful APIs

  • Experience with virtualization tools such as Libvirt, QEMU, KVM

  • Experience with GitLab CI or equivalent (e.g. Github Actions, CircleCI, Travis CI)

  • Experience with Helm

  • Experience in monitoring services (e.g. Prometheus)

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or Equivalent

  • Knowledge of technical English (Intermediate level and higher)

Would be a plus Would be a plus

  • Programming experience for OpenStack applications

  • Knowledge of OpenStack components such as Heat, Horizon, Nova, Neutron, and Keystone

  • Knowledge and experience with SNMP

  • Knowledge of Kubernetes

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