Switch Silicon Software Development Services

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Looking for a trusted technological partner to bridge your hardware with software and adapt it for specific end user deployments?

We have a solid expertise in popular merchant switch silicon families:

  • Broadcom XGS and DNX;
  • Mellanox SwitchX and Spectrum;
  • Cavium/Marvell Xpliant;
  • Intel Fulcrum;
  • Barefoot Tofino,

as well as in-depth experience in northbound interfaces implementation, to help you expose your ASIC’s features through software and meet your clients’ specific requirements.

Our expertise covers:

  • Enablement of a hardware product’s new features in open source (SONiC, Stratum) and commercial network operating systems (NOS);
  • Switching software porting to new chips;
  • Open source API integration;
  • L2/ L3 protocols and functionality development;
  • Data plane development (DPDK, P4);
  • On-demand R&D services.

    Let’s discuss how we can help you extend your inhouse expertise and meet the goals on your ASIC software engineering roadmap!

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    SDN Implementation and Integration for Telecom and Industrial Segments

    Network Operating System Development for a Broadcom-Based Switch

    P4 Enablement of a Network Hardware Product