Embedded Networking and IoT Connectivity

Industrial IoT Connectivity benefits for industrial business

Digital transformation is turning into an absolute necessity for industrial market players in Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Agriculture, aiming to gain and maintain the competitive edge. The emergence of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial IoT (IIoT) concepts drives the demand for the merger of OT and IT with the promise of numerous benefits, including:

  • Boosted end user engagement and satisfaction;
  • Optimized business processes via access to customer intelligence on product usage, quality, performance;
  • Minimized equipment maintenance costs.

A Global IoT Software Development Leader

PLVision is named one of the worlds' Top 5 IoT Developers of 2018 by Clutch Consulting

Smart Farming

Smart Farming

Getting visibility over soil and crop health by monitoring their key parameters

Remote Asset Monitoring

Remote Asset Monitoring

Getting real-time data describing the state of equipment located at remote destinations, predictive maintenance

Production Line Tracking

Production Line Tracking

Taking remote control over manufacturing facilities and simplifying production monitoring routines

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Decreasing energy consumption by controlling lighting scenarios

Smart Home or Building

Smart Home or Building

Remote monitoring and control of building's operations

Speeding up your R&D roadmap

As IoT unfolds, the number of devices attached to the infrastructure increases. This pushes industrial equipment manufacturers to cut the cost of their product, while adding value by improving its capabilities and user experience. These product updates usually result in a need to develop new software.

We can help you with:

  • Porting to a new platform – cheaper chipsets or boxes;
  • Migrating to a new, more convenient OS;
  • Cross-platform development.

Our key expertise

Industrial Networking
Industrial Networking

Industrial Ethernet, TSN, OPC UA and Security

Embedded Systems Engineering
Embedded Systems Engineering

Linux variations and RTOS

Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Things (IoT)

Full cycle software development from firmware to Cloud App and UI

“This was our first IoT project. They did an exceptional job developing what we wanted and feedback was very good.... We couldn’t be happier.”

President, Utilities Company, Oil & Gas

Jump-starting Your Digital Innovation

Hesitant to handover the whole development process to a vendor? No worries, we only cover the networking part. Leveraging our fundamental expertise in the networking and embedded domains, we help you gain momentum in development of long-planned product features.

Jump-starting your innovation as a seeding team, we then ensure the safe transfer to your internal team. The process is transparent and you have full control of deliverables and the quality guarantee. Our proven excellence in IP, documentation and knowledge transfer gives you a safe starting point in the adoption of new technologies.

Covering your needs for:

Brownfield Integration

Brownfield Integration

Development of additional functionality for integration of your product into the client's infrastructure.
PoC/MVP Development

PoC/MVP Development

Optimization of your product (topology, performance tuning, software - code) for customer demos or events.

Embedded Networking and IoT Connectivity Case Studies

The Lighting World: Industrial Light & Power Automation

Wireless Location Tracking System

Assets Performance Monitoring Solution

You can benefit from the following services:

  • Firmware development
  • Protocols development
  • PoC and MVP Development
  • IoT software development
  • Solution integration and maintenance
  • Compliance testing

You can benefit from flexibility in selection of software and hardware components for your connected product. Learn about our cross-domain technology expertise in IoT that helps us build innovative and effective Industrial IoT software solutions.

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