OpenDaylight-Based Traffic Steering for Web Server Load Balancing: PoC

April 19, 2016
OpenDaylight-Based Traffic Steering for Web Server Load Balancing: PoC

If you’re reading these lines between April 19 and 22, the guys are currently showcasing our traffic steering prototype in San Jose at Layer123 NFV World Congress. Keeping in mind the challenges and difficulties that network engineers face in their work, we have developed an effective load balancing solution aimed at providing easier and more flexible network management, reducing manual work, and accelerating traffic processing.

Major features include:

  • Decoupled Load Balancer as VNF Element
  • Intel® DPDK Acceleration for NGINX
  • NFV Environment enables scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency
  • TCP stack acceleration via Accelerated Network Stack (formerly known as netdp)
  • SDN App (OpenDaylight) is a single point of control and configuration.

And here’s a diagram to illustrate the whole system:

Click image to enlarge


Here’s how PLVision’s prototype is working on each SDN stack plane to enable effective traffic steering:

Data plane

Control plane

Application plane

SDN-enabled Edge Router

Edge router running Open vSwitch on top of OpenWrt

Open vMonitor

Web UI to Open vSwitch – OpenDaylight’s extension


Traffic steering and network management SDN application

Gigabit SMB router platform empowered with Open vSwitch v2.4.0 enabling software-based datapath for OpenFlow v1.4 Cross-platform, responsive web UI tool for Open vSwitch monitoring

Integrated with Opendaylight’s Topology Viewer

Learn more about Open vMonitor.

Combines SDN and NFV technologies for VNF elements management

Establishes control of OF-based network on top of OpenDaylight

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Oleksandr Valevskyy