Open vMonitor: PLVision’s Open Source Interface for Open vSwitch Monitoring

February 5, 2016
Open vMonitor: PLVision’s Open Source Interface for Open vSwitch Monitoring

PLVision brings extensive experience in Open vSwitch integration and development to its latest Open vSwitch-based product, Open vMonitor. Within the scope of this solution, PLVision offers and open source, user-friendly and responsive interface for Open vSwitch monitoring, purposed for deployment on a variety of platforms and devices.

Open vSwitch (OvS) is a well-established technology that is extensively used in the field of Software-Defined Networking, and is the core of PLVision’s development effort and expertise in this area. With their wealth of experience, the team at PLVision fully understands the greatest challenge faced by all who use the Open vSwitch platform – the need for a user-friendly and intuitive OvS monitoring tool. As a result, Open vMonitor combines the most essential features of Open vSwitch with ease and convenience of use.

Open vMonitor is designed to address the following challenges:

  • The need for a universal cross-platform OvS monitoring tool
  • Difficulty working with CLI output that is counter-intuitive to human perception
  • The need for a responsive front-end web-based UI with a variety of customization options.

Open vMonitor provides flexibility in terms of deployment, with the installation supported on a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Docker container is another typical deployment option that the company claims to have successfully used in several projects. As far as integration options are concerned, Open vMonitor can run as a standalone web app, or can be integrated as an SDN controller plugin, NMS plugin, and Embedded Web interface for OvS-enabled physical switches. The key benefit noted by tech experts is that this solution does not require any OvS modifications for viewing OVSDB data, enabling easy deployment and usage.

Considering the end-user’s perspective, Open vMonitor is expected to assist with drill-down of network element configuration, data path analysis, fast diagnostics and debugging, and the provision of centralized network control and monitoring.

Among other valuable features, Open vMonitor provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices, including smartphone, tablet, and desktop.

“In creating Open vMonitor, we committed to combining purely technical functionality with “human”, intuitive interface,” commented Valeriy Kozlov, President of PLVision. “We truly believe that our solution can become a new word in Open vSwitch monitoring, and welcome others to experience it and to see the difference.”