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PLVision Joins Industry 4.0 Initiative to Support Adoption of IIoT in Ukraine

PLVision, a European software engineering company with focus on development of full-stack Industrial IoT and Computer Networking solutions, has become a member of Industry 4.0 movement in Ukraine. The initiative is aimed at leveraging Industrial IoT for the national economy, and, ultimately, globally [...]

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Intel DPDK Driver for Ostinato – Now in Open Source

PLVision’s engineers have enabled support of Intel DPDK for Ostinato – an open source and cross-platform traffic generator. DPDK is a user-space software library that provides considerable speed improvements via [...]

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SDN & OpenFlow World Congress


As Software Defined Networking services provider, PLVision participated in SDN & OpenFlow World Congress 2013.

We are sharing our thoughts and experience about this fascinating event in our blog.

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DPDK-NGINX vs NGINX – Tech Overview and Performance Testing

As a follow-up to our post about traffic steering prototype, I’ve decided to draw your attention to its key component – DPDK-accelerated NGINX, which functions as an NFV node. In our comparative analysis of DPDK-NGINX vs original NGNIX, we have found that the first shows almost 3 times better performance, even on virtual machine with virtual DPDK adapter. The key [...]

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OpenDaylight-Based Traffic Steering for Web Server Load Balancing: Proof of Concept

On behalf of my very talented team and my company, I am happy to present to the world PLVision’s brand new solution acceleration prototype. If you’re reading these lines between April 19 and 22, the guys are currently showcasing this development in San Jose at Layer123 NFV World Congress. Keeping in mind the challenges and difficulties that network engineers face [...]

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