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Intel DPDK Driver for Ostinato – Now in Open Source

Click images to enlarge PLVision’s engineers have enabled support of Intel DPDK for Ostinato – an open source and cross-platform traffic generator. DPDK is a user-space software library that provides considerable speed improvements via: Avoiding latency caused by copying through kernel space Replacing interrupts with polling Using HW-optimized features (batch mode, SSE, NUMA). Having preserved full functionality of Ostinato in [...]

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Expanding to Germany – PLVision Announces Opening of a New EU Office

PLVision, a European software development outsourcing company, is happy to inform that we now have a representative office in Germany.   In addition to our Ukrainian development center in Lviv, and headquarters in Krakow, Poland, the company has opened another office in Western European city of Langen, Germany. This newly founded establishment provides PLVision access to German-speaking Europe, allowing the [...]

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SDN & OpenFlow World Congress


As Software Defined Networking services provider, PLVision participated in SDN & OpenFlow World Congress 2013.

We are sharing our thoughts and experience about this fascinating event in our blog.

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OpenDaylight-Based Traffic Steering for Web Server Load Balancing: Proof of Concept

On behalf of my very talented team and my company, I am happy to present to the world PLVision’s brand new solution acceleration prototype. If you’re reading these lines between April 19 and 22, the guys are currently showcasing this development in San Jose at Layer123 NFV World Congress. Keeping in mind the challenges and difficulties that network engineers face [...]

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API-Based Products Testing: What’s So Special?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a layer or a tier of an application which carries out data processing and coordination between other tiers, as well as with third party applications. Basically, it is an interface purposed for computer interpretation as opposed to human. An API is often associated with the logic tier of a product, and it is not [...]

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