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Building your product with open source means a new way of selling and working with software development as a process. Too many complexities? We will handle SONiC for you, tackling technical challenges and community collaboration, while you enjoy the benefits of open networking like scalability, reduced costs, and no vendor lock-in.

With our deep understanding of SONiC and a long history of successful deployments for leading ASIC and OEM vendors, PLVision is your go-to partner for your Community SONiC adoption. We solve your everyday SONiC problems and make sure it is up and running on your customers’ or your own network infrastructure.

SONiC-Based Custom Product Development

We can customize and harden Community SONiC for your use case so you can benefit from multi-dimensional vendor neutrality.

Enterprise-class SONiC support: from pre-production to Day 1 deployment

  • Solution assessment and consulting on your hardware selection, tackling interoperability issues
  • Live communication with our engineers
  • Skilled support specialists ready to respond to incidents of any complexity
  • Initial training for your staff which covers SONiC user perspective basics and a deep dive into your specific use case
  • Issue resolution (replicate, integrate, support)
  • Troubleshooting through our lab, continuously kept up to date with the latest SONiC requirements and enrolled community test bed
  • Ability to cover additional engineering scope if generated by support incidents (extensions, enhancements, maintenance and updates)

Unique benefits

You can leverage Community SONiC and eliminate lock-in to any hardware vendor
We help you select the most suitable hardware for your SONiC-based product
Closely following the SONiC development roadmap, we can update your product according to new SONiC releases and make use of new functionality
Our SONiC Lite will provide a shrunk SONiC for your use case, overcoming hardware limitations

Still not sure if SONiC or DASH is the right fit for you? PLVision can help you validate your custom use case and speed up the product launch. Whether a community testbed or complex topology, like MCLAG, BGP-EVPN-VxLAN, we can quickly build it in our multi-vendor lab.

Why PLVision?

  • With our experience building custom solutions since 2007, we can tailor our support offering to your specific needs.
  • We are hardware-agnostic and work with the Community SONiC version, so we can help you benefit from complete vendor neutrality
  • We have a deep knowledge of end-to-end software development cycle and data center networking.
  • Strong expertise in SONiC and SONiC test framework, knowledge of multiple switching silicon SDKs and architecture.
  • Solid experience with open-source community collaboration
  • Our in-house networking lab enables high flexibility, transparency, and reliability.

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