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SONiC Adoption Roadblocks

The road to the adoption of Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC) can be quite bumpy when you take it for the first time. However, with the SONiC market booming, equipment vendors are aiming to reach new buyers by enabling the SONiC network operating system and SAI (Switch Abstraction Interface) for their products. In their turn, enterprises seek to reap the benefits gained by hyper-scaler adopters like cloud cost optimization, scalability, and flexibility for their network infrastructure.

So you have decided to adopt SONiC open-source NOS or enhance it for your use case and have even started a SONiC development or testing project. Or perhaps you’re exploring the emerging SONiC-DASH technology for your DPU. How do you know you’re moving in the right direction? We know SONiC inside and out, so we can help you validate your outcomes on your chosen platform.

SONiC-Based Custom Product Development

We can customize and harden Community SONiC for your use case so you can benefit from multi-dimensional vendor neutrality.

An essential part of a successful SONiC-based solution is ensuring compliance with community standards and interoperability with other vendors and open NOS versions. This can be verified via the Community testbed. You may need to run additional tests to make sure your device supports the necessary SONiC features for your use case.

How We Can Help

PLVision will help you identify the optimal platform and build any kind of testbed or topology needed to validate your use case for SONiC, performing a feasibility check for you and guiding you through the adoption process. We can cut your time to market by using our know-how and SONiC test topologies based on 7+ years of developing SONiC open-source NOS.

Without investing into your own lab, you can ensure verification of your custom use case including automation, validation, and not just via SONiC or DASH community tests but performance scaling and robustness validation, using the best-in-class test equipment from Keysight Technologies. Whether you have a newly developed custom feature, configuration, topology, or a combination of these — e.g. an existing feature on a new platform and a new use case — we can verify them all.

More than Community Testing

SONiC-mgmt, i.e., the SONiC test framework, and their generic test suite covers a certain set of topologies. We can adjust it to facilitate increasing test coverage and extend your testing to enterprise-grade quality by designing and developing new test content. Additionally, you will receive analyzed and interpreted test results as input for your product roadmap.

Use Case Samples

We can build any multi-DUT topology, e.g. CLOS, using devices from different vendors or vendor’s multiple models and platforms. We mimic the production environment for end-to-end (SIT) testing.


By leveraging MCLAG, you can achieve node-level redundancy to the normal link-level redundancy that a LAG provides. This will enable two or more nodes to share a common LAG endpoint.


By using the BGP-EVPN-VxLAN abstraction, you can enable network scalability and flexibility without making any significant changes to the underlay network while also achieving network segmentation and tunnel isolation.


SONiC & DASH Validation Services

  • Validation of SONiC for your custom use case
  • New test design for your requirements
  • Enabling community tests coverage for your platform
  • Test hardening for your equipment or software
  • Verification of a newly developed feature or existing feature enabled on new hardware

Why PLVision as your SONiC or DASH validation partner?

7+ years of developing SONiC and SAI
7+ years of developing SONiC and SAI
Strong knowledge of various switch silicon SDKs
Strong knowledge of various switch silicon SDKs
SAI Challenger, a unique solution for the testing of SAI/DASH, contributed by PLVision to OCP
SAI Challenger, a unique solution for the testing of SAI/DASH, contributed by PLVision to OCP
Ready-to-use networking lab facilities
Ready-to-use networking lab facilities

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