Broadcom-Based Switching Software Development

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Busy with your network hardware product’s new features or functionality development? We can help you adapt your boxes running open source or proprietary switching software for specific end user deployments.  

With a track record of projects involving Broadcom XGS and DNX chip families, as well as expertise in development of customer-specific features and applications, we can help you meet your clients’ requirements and scale. 

Our expertise covers:

  • Enablement of a Broadcom chip’s new features in open source and commercial network operating systems (NOS);
  • Switching software porting to new hardware products;
  • L2/ L3 protocols (PTP, AVB etc.) enablement;
  • Open source API (SDKLT, OFDPA and OpenNSL) integration;
  • Tier III support.

    We’d be happy to discuss how we can help you extend your inhouse Broadcom expertise and tailor your switching product to clients’ specific needs!

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    P4 Enablement of a Network Hardware Product

    Network Operating System Development for a Broadcom-Based Switch