Software Testing Automation

Qualified software testing is a key factor of your product’s business success. Having helped numerous products to achieve competitive production-grade quality, PLVision defines software testing automation as the most reliable and productive software testing approach.

Test automation by PLVision ensures:

  • Reduced testing cost on a long-term scale
  • Faster testing stage, ensuring faster release time and time to market
  • Minimized impact of human factor, with lest costs reserved for risk management
  • Transparent and simplified management of each product release
  • Increased customer satisfaction and higher reputation on the market

Qualified software testing automation is a proven approach for gaining higher and more consistent business results from your product

Faster time-to-market
Faster time-to-market

PLVision’s highly qualified and well-coordinated team of test engineers can quickly establish all the necessary processes and run them with the help of our proprietary KuTest-Net test automation platform

Reduced cost of automation
Reduced cost of automation

Achieved via PLVision’s proprietary ready-to-use test automation platform

Competitive quality
Competitive quality

Assured through our experience of launching the products of global high-tech businesses in Telecom and Computer Networking

Learn about test automation myths, discover truths and steps to success in your implementation journey!


Python-based test automation platform for software testing automation, providing the core of your product’s testing strategy

  • Specifically designed for Network and Telecom products testing
  • Adjustable for various vendors’ equipment
  • Considerably reduces time of tests execution

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