Test Automation Framework: kuTest-Net

kuTest-Net is purposed for test development, execution, monitoring, and is specifically designed for Network and Telecom products testing

  • Adjustable to various vendors’ equipment
  • Considerably reduces time of tests execution
  • Scalable and customizable to customer’s needs
  • Allows testing in real and emulated environments

KuTest-Net Key Features

Adaptability to various vendors’ equipment

Minimizing the effort needed for test automation framework customization to various Network and Telecom products via usage of dictionaries of vendor commands

Independent test case layer
Independent test case layer

kuTest-Net uses object-oriented model that enables running once written test cases in different environments, with minimum time required for their adaptation.

Automated topology linkage setup
Automated topology linkage setup

Considerably reduced time and effort for device topology setup with convenient and flexible topology templates

Key supported interfaces

  • WEB (HTTP)
  • CLI (SSH, TELNET, RS232)
  • SNMP
  • USB
  • SOAP/RESTful
  • SQL
  • Android MonkeyRunner
  • Android Debug Tool
  • Jython
  • Bluetooth®
  • TWI
  • TCL
  • TL1

PLVision’s Automation Engineering Services PLVision’s Automation Engineering Services

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