As a member of ONF, we can’t wait to join the ONF Connect 2018 next week! Our CTO Leonid Khedyk, and Oleksii Kuzmenko, Business Development Director, will attend this prominent opensource community event, co-hosted by ONF’s supply chain partners and dedicated to edge cloud and next-gen SDN.

We’d be happy to discuss how our experience in NOS integration and deployment can meet your OEM or ASIC business needs, bringing benefits to your end customers through support in bringup and usage and exposing your killer features to NOS.

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Meet us at ONF Connect 2018

About ONF Connect 2018

Co-hosted by ONF’s supply chain partners, ONF Connect 2018 will drive collaboration across the open source ecosystem and spotlight how the world’s most advanced operators are guiding ONF’s industry-leading efforts on edge cloud and next generation SDN.

Stakeholders from across the industry will focus on both:

  • Near-term creation and deployment of production-ready solutions based on white boxes and open source platforms.
  • Exploration of longer-term access & edge cloud solutions for next generation networks and services.

About PLVision

PLVision is a custom software development company, specializing in SDN, NFV and IoT, with a track record of serving global companies since 2007.

Our customers are able to innovate faster and drive significant revenues, benefiting from our profound experience with four of most popular merchant switch silicons (Intel, Cavium, Mellanox and Broadcom chips).

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