SONiC vs DentOS: Analysis and Comparison

Are you looking for the best open NOS for your organization? PLVision’s white paper provides a comprehensive analysis of SONiC and DentOS, which are conquering the enterprise realm.

Leveraging PLVision’s experience building solutions based on these both systems, we’ve explored how they differ in terms of functionalities, hardware requirements, target markets, and their potential for future wide-scale adoption. Learn how you can choose the best option and benefit from network disaggregation while eliminating license fees and vendor lock-in. 

Read an excerpt in our blog.

Contents Contents

  • How Open Networking Benefits Businesses
  • SONiC and DentOS – the Two Most Prominent Open NOSes
  • SONiC: The Star of Data Center
  • DENT: The Linux Kernel Revolutionary
  • Conclusion: Who is Winning in the Battle of Open NOS
  • The Open NOS Characteristic Comparison Table

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