SONiC Release Management for a Hardware Vendor

Project Overview

SONiC is a popular and versatile open source NOS for data centers.
With new SONiC releases coming out every six months, it is critical for the Client to enable their white box switch with the latest version, ensuring the top quality of the product and the richest possible set of features available for end customers.

Customer Profile

A networking ODM/OEM, manufacturer of switching and routing products for a wide range of ICT service providers.
SONiC and its support play a key part in Client’s infrastructure and service management. Offered together with equipment, the SONiC support is a deciding factor in selecting an OEM/ODM vendor by ICT service providers, making it a competitive advantage for the Client.

Download the case study to learn: Download the case study to learn:

  • The advantages and challenges of using SONiC, the most popular open source NOS, for a successul white box model;
  • The plan of SONiC release management project work and description of all release stages;
  • The results and benefits obtained by the Client as well as by their cloud and enterprise end customers through offered SONiC’s full functionality and latest releases.

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