Network Switch Operating System Development and Verification

Project Overview

End-to-end software development and verification for a highly scalable, modular networking solution including more than 25 sub-projects in the course of 9 years of successful collaboration with a leading switch silicon market player. The developed product enabled the Customer to supplement their hardware with accompanying software and sell it as an integrated networking solution.

Customer Profile

A leading global semiconductor company based in North America, specializing in switching silicon production, networking software product development for enterprise, database and small business Ethernet switches.

Challenges Challenges

  • End-to-end development of a network switch operating system is a highly complex and lengthy  process comprising engineering of hundreds of features from scratch as well as implementation of open source components with their further integration and continuous  support for the Customer’s product range targeting different market segments.
  • The Customer had a need to develop protocols for their network product’s software in accordance to draft technology specifications published by the IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Standards Association ahead of the official IEEE standards release.
  • Due to its complexity, the project required effective cross-team collaboration between PLVision and the Customer’s engineering departments around the globe.

Technical Highlights Technical Highlights

  • Development of a flexible, scalable proprietary Networking solution with high level of modularity, enabling its adjustment to specific end-user needs.
  • Low level software engineering from bring-up and integration to features development and bug fixing: BSP, SDK, Bootloader, OS (eCos, Linux), PHY, PoE.
  • Middleware development: hardware abstraction, switch stacking, application layer development, migration and tuning (DHCP, auto-install).
  • QoS, L2/L3, security protocols: development, integration, interoperability, and bug fixing.
  • Management toolset development and implementation: CLI, SNMP, WEB, OpenFlow. Development of management agents and their integration with the Customer’s silicon.
  • Network switch software testing and support: development and implementation of unit, integration, and functional tests along with fully automated test framework; integration of Ixia toolset.
Project key directions

Image 1. Project key directions


Business Benefits Business Benefits

  • The Customer maintained switching silicon market leadership and consistent high quality of their product with contribution of PLVision professional team, serving as a source of all required technology expertise and providing end-to-end software development services, from low-level embedded engineering to user interface implementation.
  • The Customer benefited from a strong 9-year technological collaboration with PLVision, which resulted in elimination of communication overhead and enabled prompt team ramp-up based on project needs, so that the Customer could focus on their strategic objectives.