Industrial IoT Platform Development for Oil & Gas

Project Overview

PLVision developed the Industrial IoT platform that encompassed cloud-based asset management system enabling telemetry and further predictive maintenance analytics, and also integration of Customer’s business processes with enterprise management systems.

Customer Profile

A North American manufacturer of innovative industrial HVAC equipment for Oil & Gas industry. Uptime, TCO and service quality are the key parameters for supplier selection by end clients.

Challenges Challenges

  • The very first IoT project on the Customer’s side, a first step to digital transformation which required maximum transparency from a trusted IoT development vendor
  • Severe deadlines due to the start of Customer’s marketing campaigns and expected time-to-market
  • Very high scalability requirements (up to 500 000 connected assets)
  • High requirements for vulnerability protection and security due to mission-critical purpose of the equipment
  • Need for efficient mechanisms for long-term historical data storage and fast backup
  • Architecture requirements for future integration and compatibility with third party enterprise systems
  • High complexity of Customer’s supply chain requiring advanced role-based access system
  • Need for a simple and reliable user interface for field technical staff

Project Highlights Project Highlights

  • Based on the customer requirements, PLVision presented a detailed solution development proposal that included a complete project roadmap.
  • In the initial phase, a cloud-based platform with a responsive UI was developed, enabling telemetry, analytics toolset and custom assets map view.
  • The next phase encompassed integration with third party enterprise applications, enabling automation of purchase and maintenance business processes.
  • The project is currently under development to address the concept of Industry 4.0, enable a broader range of equipment for the IoT and integrate the solution deeper into the supply chain.

Business Benefits Business Benefits

  • By enabling their product for the Internet of Things, the Customer launched new digital services for their end clients and partners, which resulted in improved user engagement.
  • End customers significantly reduced their maintenance and service costs as well as total cost of ownership of their assets due to elimination of redundant on-site equipment checks and the ability to predict possible malfunctions.
  • Improved equipment uptime by minimizing monitoring efforts and maintenance response time.
  • Equipment reliability improvement and asset lifecycle extension.
  • The Customer doubled their sales of the digitally enabled product as compared to the commodity equipment.