SAI Quality Suite: Comprehensive Testing Solution

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With SAI QS you get actionable insights as the results of comprehensive SAI testing. With them your development team can address the issues in the 3 key aspects of the SAI in a cost-effective, reliable, and timely manner: 

  • SAI specification compliance 
  • Implementation completeness 
  • Scaling and performance capabilities 

PLVision can also help you with SAI development and add the missing functionality to the SAI library, leveraging our experience in the Interface development and key ASICs.

How will your business benefit from the SAI Quality Suite?

PLVision’s product for SAI inspection saves your time and money for testing, improving the process and your certainty in the SAI-SONiC compliance.

For ASIC vendors
  • Simplify SAI quality assurance for ODMs and end users 
  • Save up on test infrastructure, lab resources, and engineering efforts 
  • Forget about SAI testing with NOS, following its updates and release cycles 
  • Speed up SAI improvements: faster issues detection and actionable insights 
For ODMs
  • Have a complete inspection of SAI quality with one tool 
  • Minimize the dependency on SAI quality reports from the vendor 
  • Minimize the expense on the arrangement of R&D to create or run private NOSes on your hardware 
  • Improve your end products’ reliability with comprehensive testing of SAI as their baseline component

If you consume SONiC on your own and manage a wide variety of boxes from different providers, SAI QS will be your tool to keep the networking system running reliably while you scale it out and up.

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