The industry of renewable energy sources draws increased investors’ attention but requires the use of advanced technology to ensure constant upgrade and O&M optimization, often through Predictive Maintenance.

Together with a business consulting partner, VINCI Digital, PLVision has proposed a vision of a scalable IIoT solution for ENEL Solar Brazil to help them boost productivity and cut down operations and maintenance costs. This package of potential IIoT-powered improvements for a solar plant will be presented at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on October 5, by Valeriy Kozlov, Co-Founder and CEO of PLVision, and Fabio Bottacci, Founder and CEO of VINCI Digital.

Our joint speech “Solar PV Industrial IoT Use Case” at the largest Industrial IoT event will provide insights into this particular Solar Power Generation solution proposal. Designed solution options, based on Cloud and Edge computing architecture as well as machine learning algorithms, are aimed at performance benchmarking and production forecasting in the evolving field of renewables.

The Congress accumulates opinion leaders in the IoT solutions industry with 250 top industry speakers and 10,000+ professional visitors this year. All of them have three days to exchange opinions, present visions and explain how IoT is affecting many industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Hospitality and more.

We are proud to be alongside the key industry representatives and share with attendees some of the most disruptive IoT solutions. You can listen to our CEO and partner speech at 4 pm on October 5 in the Energy and Utilities section at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona.