Join us in Seattle during November 13-18 to discuss custom product development based on SONiC and DENT! Reach out if you’re interested in a meeting at the ONE Summit or outside.

We are happy to announce that PLVision’s Lead Architect Taras Chornyi, who is also the Feature Working Group Lead on the DENT Project, will speak at the 2022 One Summit on November 15-16 at the Sheraton Grand in Seattle, WA. His presentation as a part of the DENT Mini-Summit: the NOS for the Distributed Edge will address the main features that come with DENT OS and the soon-to-be-added ones.

Taras will also be available for business meetings in Seattle from November 13-18. We invite you to book a face-to-face meeting. Apart from DENT OS, let’s talk about how we can shorten your path to launching products based on the highly popular SONiC NOS or transitioning your network infrastructure to SONiC for significant cost reduction.

PLVision’s SONiC-based offerings are built on the community NOS version, ensuring multi-dimensional vendor neutrality when it comes to the choice of ASICs, platforms, and NOS version. We will customize and harden SONiC for your use case and extend its functionality, leveraging our proven codebase as well as tooling and automation for CI/CD and lab deployment.

PLVision has 15 years of experience providing services for switch silicons, 7 of which include developing numerous SONiC-based products, for leading ASIC vendors and ODMs.

Let’s discuss how you can achieve your business goals by leveraging an open NOS (SONiC or DENT OS):

  • Accelerate your product launch based on community NOS version hardened for your specific use case, while ensuring high quality and adding required functionalities;
  • Simplify and speed up your open NOS deployments and product development and adopt it for new markets;
  • Shape classic SONiC or DENT to fit with tight hardware constraints;
  • Integrate your networking hardware with an open NOS, enable further extension and support, cover your community engagement.

To book your meeting with PLVision’s representative in Seattle, simply contact us using the form below.

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About PLVision

PLVision is a software product development company specializing in computer networking with a proven track record of serving enterprise-class customers since 2007. By carefully crafting product functionality based on end user needs, PLVision delivers cutting-edge custom networking software using open source (SONiC, DASH, DENT OS) as our foundation for innovation. We empower the business success of our customers – including switch silicon and hardware vendors, service providers, and enterprises – and strive to impact the world by broadening access to networks.

PLVision proactively handles and takes full responsibility for end-to-end software product design and development, starting from architecture, PoC, and MVP development up to sales assistance, support, and maintenance. Learn more about PLVision at