Marvell, a global leader in infrastructure semiconductor solutions, announced today that its Prestera® Ethernet switch platforms incorporating Dent are being deployed by leading enterprise customers worldwide, enabling a new era of autonomous networking. As a member of the DENT ecosystem working with Marvell, PLVision has been quoted in the press release.

With Dent’s first release of its Linux-based network operating system, codenamed “Arthur,” on Marvell’s Prestera switch platforms, enterprises can easily transition to disaggregated networks while benefiting from flexibility in deployment and customization by virtue of open source. Dent uses the Linux 5.6 Kernel and leverages SwitchDev to simplify integrations, eliminate complex abstractions, and support existing Linux toolchains.

“The Linux revolution has finally reached the networking domain. We at PLVision are honored to have contributed through our collaboration with Marvell, focusing our efforts on a SwitchDev driver and Dent OS development for their devices. It has been an incredible opportunity for us as a software product development services vendor that specializes in networking and, specifically, NOS to drive and foster open-source innovation,” said Leonid Khedyk, CTO of PLVision.

“Marvell’s determination and strategic vision signify the superior level of this market player’s maturity. With its leadership in edge computing devices, narrowly tuned for edge applications, Marvell is the best candidate as a driving force for the Linux Foundation’s Dent Project.”

Read the full press release on Marvell’s website.

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About PLVision

We are a custom software product development company, specializing in Computer Networking, Embedded Systems, and IoT connectivity, with a track record of serving networking industry leaders since 2007. With our unique engineering expertise mix and commitment to open-source contribution we are well positioned to deliver innovation to global businesses via Product Development Services (PDS) 2.0.