PLVision joins the Open Networking Foundation to support their efforts to drive the global SDN revolution.

PLVision has become a member of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) – a non-profit consortium that leads the Networking digital transformation with focus on SDN (Software Defined Networking). The ONF’s primary mission is to build open source SDN solutions that will ultimately transform networks into flexible service platforms. ONF’s key projects include ONOS, Mininet, CORD, and P4.

Since the early days of SDN, PLVision has been at the forefront of technological innovation in this domain:

  • Back in 2013, the company’s open source solution for enabling OpenWrt routers with SDN functionality was the first of its kind.
  • PLVision’s participation in the OpenFlow driver contest was another important milestone in shaping the company’s SDN technology portfolio.
  • While investigating the newly-emerging open source SDN platforms, PLVision’s dedicated R&D team helped spot and correct a couple of shortcomings along the way (such as enabling WebUI and CLI for OpenDaylight’s VTN Coordinator and solving a couple of its configuration issues).
  • Initially a commercial solution, PLVision’s Open vMonitor has been made open source and features a free, convenient web interface for Open vSwitch monitoring.
  • As a part of the network topology switchover solution, PLVision developed two ONOS-based open-source applications.

“Being one of the first contributors to a number of open source SDN solutions, we have always endeavored to be an active part of the open source community”, stated Olena Kozlova, the company’s CEO. “As an ONF member, PLVision will not only help to drive the global SDN revolution, but will also get access to the heart of Networking innovations, providing our сustomers with connectivity solutions of the future”.

PLVision is a European company specializing in Computer Networking and IoT software solutions and components development, integration, and adaptation, which helps customers accelerate new product launches and reach new markets. Our extensive cross-domain expertise is focused on Ethernet networks, Software Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualization and the Industrial Internet of Things. For the past 10 years, PLVision has been successfully collaborating with leading networking semiconductor vendors, innovative startups as well as industrial companies. Headquartered in Kraków, Poland, the company has development centers in Lviv and Odesa, Ukraine.