Building a SONiC-Based Switch Product

Client Profile and Business Need

  • The Client is a US-based manufacturer of networking equipment and solutions specializing in telecommunications.
  • In its efforts to expand networking offering with market-relevant functionality to the data center space, the Client decided to build a switch product based on disaggregated architecture. Having validated the product idea with pre-selected buyers, the Client constructed a vision of the functionality to meet market needs for new data center network infrastructure.
  • For their software, the Client selected SONiC, the most popular and mature open network operating system for DC, based on Debian Linux.


  • The Client needed their custom NOS to remain as close to the community version as possible in order to minimize their upgrade efforts and eliminate any vendor lock-in of proprietary SONiC distributions.
  • The product development included selecting the best-fitting hardware platform and SONiC version, aligning the NOS with its market requirements and use cases, migrating it to a new open-source driven platform, and handling the migration project lifecycle in order to ensure the smooth launch and quality of the new product, accompanied by necessary support.

Download the Case Study to learn about: Download the Case Study to learn about:

  • How our Client obtained a full SONiC build, running on the best-matched platform with a feature set that meets end user needs;
  • The phases of developing a custom, hardened version of SONiC, as well as the deliverables and associated benefits our Client received;
  • How PLVision enabled high flexibility, transparency, and cost-effectiveness for the Client while developing the product based on open NOS.

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