This innovative solution extends the reach of SONiC open software for management and access switches and eliminates the complexity of a multi-NOS management plane, providing advantages for OEM, ODM vendors, and enterprises.

PLVision, a software product development company specializing in open networking, launched its new product SONiC Lite. This is a complete, cost-efficient, and sustainable solution for campus and edge deployments. 

As a product based on SONiC’s community version, SONiC Lite follows PLVision’s commitment to multi-dimension vendor neutrality, allowing users to implement this open NOS on management and access switches in the way they see fit.

SONiC Lite replicates the success of SONiC adoption for DC and makes the enablement of a single open NOS possible on the networking equipment from different manufacturers with further unification and harmonization of the networking infrastructure. 

The solution contains all essential SONiC features needed for most use cases, including L2 switching, L3 routing, and security. Unlike Community SONiC, which is tailored for data center deployment, SONiC Lite is as lightweight as possible to consume less RAM, CPU, and storage, thus allowing SONiC to fit into a typical access switch.

PLVision’s product offers a range of benefits: 

  • Freedom of choice: As a lightweight SONiC’s community version, SONiC Lite is a production-ready SONiC distribution from PLVision that allows to implement this open NOS on campus and edge deployments and leverage vendor neutrality.
  • Cost-effectiveness: SONiC Lite reduces BOM costs for equipment manufacturers while offering enterprises a production-ready SONiC distribution to build efficient, harmonized, and unified networking infrastructure with it.
  • Increased scalability and flexibility: SONiC Lite is designed to be scalable and flexible.  
  • Improved security: SONiC Lite offers security features, such as 802.1x and root guard. 

You can now download the first demo version of SONiC Lite, with a full-functionality product forthcoming in December 2023. The demo includes set-up instructions to try out the product.

“With our extensive open networking experience and a long history working with SONiC from its earliest days, we have identified and addressed a crucial industry challenge for equipment vendors and enterprises,” said Olena Kozlova, CEO of PLVision. “SONiC Lite is a testament to our commitment to driving open networking transformation and extending a variety of SONiC use cases”.

“SONiC Lite empowers OEMs and ODMs to offer more competitive options to their clients. Likewise, enterprises can now build networks with less demanding and less expensive networking equipment. With SONiC Lite, you can now avoid the complexity of managing multi-vendor environment”, argued Taras Chornyi, Director of Open Networking Solutions and Strategy of PLVision.

About PLVision

PLVision is a software product development company focused on open networking with a proven track record of serving enterprise-class customers since 2007. By carefully crafting product functionality based on end user needs, PLVision delivers cutting-edge custom networking software using open source (SONiC, DASH, DentOS, etc.) as our foundation for innovation. We empower the business success of our customers – including networking solution vendors, service providers, and enterprises – and strive to impact the world by broadening access to networks. Learn more at