Over the past 16 years, PLVision has established itself as a trusted global partner by building cutting-edge, in-demand custom products using open software such as SONiC, DASH, and DentOS for networking solution vendors, service providers and enterprises. The company’s new product line enables SONiC in campus and edge deployments.  

PLVision, a software product development company specializing in open networking, is marking its 16th anniversary. Throughout its journey, PLVision has been at the forefront of open networking innovation, leveraging vast expertise in top switch silicons and experience developing popular SONiC and Dent network operating systems since their earliest days to help industry leaders and ambitious startups launch new markets.

The past year has been marked by more successful product deliveries and active involvement in open communities, boosting PLVision’s position as a key global player in the networking domain. To meet the users’ pressing needs for flexibility, scalability, and faster innovation with their network infrastructure, the company started crafting their own networking initiatives and products.

PLVision launched its SONiC Core initiative to advance Community SONiC and accelerate network disaggregation, as well as introducing the SONiC Lite product line to provide a cost-effective, end-to-end solution tailored specifically for campus and edge deployments. With SONiC Lite, PLVision presents a production-ready SONiC distribution, offering solution vendors and service providers an optimized version of SONiC that demands fewer resources, including RAM, CPU, and storage capacities. While maximizing SONiC’s capabilities for resource-constrained platforms, SONiC Lite drastically simplifies the deployment and support efforts.

Download SONiC Lite’s product brief.

The company significantly strengthened its collaboration with the industry ecosystem, expanding partnerships with existing clients and unlocking new customer geographies. PLVision took its dedication to driving open networking to the next level, reinforcing its position in open communities with the company’s leading expert Taras Chornyi elected as the General Member Governing Board Representative in both DENT and SONiC projects.

“Our agility and adaptability have enabled us to quickly respond to changing market dynamics and deliver cutting-edge products and services that users are looking for. Realizing that enterprises require a complete, cost-effective, and sustainable solution
to repeat the success of hyperscalers, we have introduced SONiC Lite.

We are continuing to build innovative custom products for networking solution vendors, enabling them to offer more value to their customers. With the commitment of our exceptional team and the unwavering support of our clients, we are well-positioned to shape the future of networking.”  

Olena Kozlova, Co-Founder and CEO of PLVision

About PLVision

PLVision is a software product development company focused on open networking with a proven track record of serving enterprise-class customers since 2007. By carefully crafting product functionality based on end user needs, PLVision delivers cutting-edge custom networking software using open source (SONiC, DASH, DentOS, etc.) as our foundation for innovation. We empower the business success of our customers – including switch silicon and hardware vendors, service providers, and enterprises – and strive to impact the world by broadening access to networks. Learn more about PLVision at plvision.eu