Leveraging unique expertise in numerous top switch silicons and a wealth of experience developing products based on SONiC and Dent network operating systems, PLVision is well-positioned to strengthen the open networking ecosystem. 

PLVision, a custom software product development company focused on open networking, today announced that it has joined the Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, as well as its open network operating system (NOS) projects, SONiC and DentOS.  

These new memberships underscore PLVision’s unwavering dedication to open community collaboration and its determination to help advance SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) and DENT (DentOS), thereby increasing the spread of open-source networking technologies. Throughout its history, PLVision has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the growth and promotion of open NOS, and it will continue this work by joining forces with the Linux Foundation’s project communities.  

PLVision has previously launched its SONiC Core initiative, aimed at extending the reach of the Community SONiC while advocating the importance of multi-dimensional vendor neutrality and interoperability. The goal of the initiative is to drive SONiC adoption in new, demanding markets like Tier 2 DC, Enterprise, and Edge. In its work with SONiC since its early days, PLVision has been leveraging the network operating system for a wide variety of use cases, building custom products that meet specific business requirements for SONiC-based solution providers, service providers, and enterprises.  

PLVision has also been actively involved in the advancement of the DentOS project, powering Distributed Enterprise Edge. In particular, the company collaborated with Marvell Technologies on building the industry’s first commercial switch with DENT, focusing on the development of a SwitchDev driver and DentOS for Marvell platforms. 

In its mission to broaden access to networks, PLVision has invested its efforts in expanding use case diversity in open source networking by utilizing both SONiC and DENT for deployments of any scale.  

Olena Kozlova, PLVision’s CEO, said of this new milestone: “As a savvy custom product developer, with our deep expertise and unique know-how in networking and connectivity, PLVision will help take the community’s success in open NOS advancement to the next level. We look forward to collaborating with the Linux Foundation’s members to accelerate networking innovations”. 

“We are pleased to welcome PLVision to the SONiC and DENT open source NOS communities as a member,” said Arpit Joshipura, general manager, Networking, Edge and IOT, the Linux Foundation. “PLVision’s commitment to open source technology will play a crucial role in advancing network operating systems and fostering innovation for the future of networking.” 

About PLVision

PLVision is a software product development company focused on open networking with a proven track record of serving enterprise-class customers since 2007. By carefully crafting product functionality based on end user needs, PLVision delivers cutting-edge custom networking software using open source (SONiC, DASH, DentOS) as our foundation for innovation. We empower the business success of our customers – including switch silicon and hardware vendors, service providers, and enterprises – and strive to impact the world by broadening access to networks. Learn more about PLVision at plvision.eu