Senior networking SW engineer/Tech Lead



In general, the software package is an embedded application, written using C/C++ languages. It runs on top of customer’s SDK that’s used in the High Capacity Ethernet switching DataCenter Equipment (Terabits speed). Customer SDK runs on top of the ASIC (highly customizable and flexible packet forwarding super modern chip), one of the most promising and top notch products on the market, and provides an application framework for expansion into OSI Layers 2 and 3 by integrating a variety of SDK Layers, protocols, and features.

The team you are supposed to be a part of is responsible for integration of the SDK with open source products, as well as development of solutions to manage network equipment on a big number of platforms, plus supporting of the existing products and solutions.

You’ll have a chance to contribute into open-source solutions, propose design solutions, implement and support them.
The project will definitely give you a chance to advance and increase your professional skills and expertise.

Dedicated recruiter:
Olha Sumnikova
  • +38 098 748 6191
  • olha.sumnikova

Responsibilities Responsibilities

  • Implementation of new networking features and functionality

  • Maintenance of the existing features on all levels of the end system (SDK, plugin, networking application, BSP)

  • Independent communication with the customer, subproject status reporting

  • Negotiation of the SOW & solution design with customer’s technicians and management

  • Tasks assignment and their execution control

  • Identification and solving of risks

  • Driving demos & product deployment

  • Attendance at the "Open source community meetings" related to the subproject

  • Documentation and infrastructure elaboration and maintenance for the project/subproject.

Requirements Requirements

  • 4+ years of experience on commercial IT projects

  • 3+ years of C development experience

  • 1+ year of programming experience in С++

  • Knowledge of basic programming templates and their possible implementations in C and C++

  • 2+ years of experience with L2/L3 Ethernet network equipment

  • Experience with HW or SW traffic generators IXIA, Spirent, TRex, Ostinato, etc.

  • Experience with Ethernet traffic analyzers: Wireshark, tcpdump, etc.

  • Experience with multicomponent systems on micro and macro levels (e.g.: interaction of several "Ethernet switches" that are connected into a topology)

  • Solid knowledge of Linux as a user and as a Linux application developer

  • Basic knowledge of development of Linux kernel modules

  • Confident understanding of the work concept of multithreaded programs under Linux OS, knowledge of synchronization methods to protect data integrity

  • Unaided mastering of new technologies, search for information, and document processing abilities

  • Competency to independently create the requirement and design documents

  • Know how to efficiently work in a team

  • Minimum Intermediate (B1) level of English

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Being motivated and flexible

Would be a plus Would be a plus

  • Experience with schematic diagrams for printed circuit boards

  • Experience with communication interfaces i2c, SPI, single wire, MDIO, parallel bus, MII/RMII/GMII/RGMII

  • Basic knowledge of SoC solution and interaction between SoC subsystems.

We offer We offer

  • Professional development

  • Possibility to be a part of innovative projects

  • Regular performance reviews

  • Competent and effective project management

  • Transparency in communication between the Company and employee

  • Flexible work schedule

  • True team spirit and regular team building activities

  • Paid vacation (18 business days) and paid sick leave

  • Generous bonuses for marriage and childbirth

  • Corporate English courses at the office + native speaker + movie nights

  • Healthcare package (sports activities refund, doctor, massage)

  • Accounting as a service

  • Business trips

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