Switch Software Development and Silicon Validation for Data Center Solution

Customer Profile

A leading US-based semiconductor product vendor specializing in switching silicon solutions development with focus on enterprise and data center solutions.

End User

  • Large data center-based service companies
  • Networking equipment manufacturers

Project Highlights Project Highlights

  • The Customer’s software product, runs on top of their chip, providing an application framework for expansion into OSI Layers 2 and 3.
  • The project involved software development and validation for Customer’s data center switches purposed for large data center-based service companies and networking equipment vendors.
  • PLVision completed solution integration and adaptation to third party software platforms, software components and features development.

Delivered Business Value

  • Industry leadership

The Customer won a global SDN Idol award with their innovative solution, with contribution of PLVision’s team solid networking software development expertise.

  • At the forefront of innovation

The Customer pitched their disruptive NOS integration and other networking solution prototypes and PoCs to potential clients, showcased demos at industry events, and effectively validated market assumptions as enabled by PLVision’s software development services.

  • Faster time to market

The Customer developed innovative software for their switches, with contribution of PLVision’s professional network software development and validation workforce, experienced in working with switching silicon market leaders.

  • Management facilitation

The Customer saved time and reduced expenses on managing PLVision as a contractor thanks to our company’s effective setup of internal managerial and customer communication processes.

Project Key Directions Project Key Directions

  • NOS integration with the Customer’s SDK.
  • SDK development for switching silicons.
  • SDN agent integration with the Customer’s SDK.
  • Full stack validation, including:
    • Post-tapeout hardware validation according to the design documents and industry standards
    • Test Framework development and integration with hardware traffic generators IXIA and Spirent
    • Test suites and cases development and automation
    • Performance, scalability, stress testing etc.