SDN Traffic Steering Solution Development

Project Overview

SDN solution for traffic steering in the Customer’s network infrastructure, aiming to handle cases of link break or drop in link throughput.

Customer Profile

European Internet service provider.

Technical Highlights Technical Highlights

  • Key technologies: OpenWrt, DPDK, OpenFlow, OvS, ONOS
  • Existing network hardware was updated with new firmware, built on top of Open vSwitch, to enable SDN capabilities of the existing network.
  • Combined Nginx and DPDK driver were implemented to accelerate VNFs (load balancing).
  • Development of a set of ONOS-based applications to dynamically discover topology, define the main and backup traffic channels, and monitor channels quality.
  • The user traffic was switched to the backup link in the event of decrease in quality of main channels below the threshold level (or link break) and switched back to main channel if the link quality in the main channel is restored.

Business Benefits

  • The update with new firmware helped the Customer save existing switches and routers, instead of replacing the whole infrastructure.
  • Traffic monitoring and load balancing were enabled in the channels to prevent congestion and increase utilization.
  • Extended ONOS UI for monitoring and configuration.
  • Use of open-source components decreased the TTM and cost. Updated firmware increased the hardware performance.