SONiC Lite
for management
and access switches

Implement SONiC on cost-effective platforms with SONiC Lite

SONiC has already established itself in the hyperscaler niche and has the potential to become the major open NOS, much like Linux for networking. While it has made considerable progress in adoption for various networking use cases in DC infrastructure, it is commonly known that SONiC does not fit campus and edge deployment just yet. 

This poses a challenge in terms of harmonizing and unifying networking infrastructure for management and access switches and DC infrastructure under a single control plane. In response to this industry challenge, PLVision has developed SONiC Lite that:

  • Expands Community SONiC’s reach to campus and edge deployments; 
  • Allows OEM and ODM vendors to offer more competitive options to their clients with lower BOM costs per switch; 
  • Guarantees you stay vendor-neutral in both software and hardware choices without limitation; 
  • Helps enterprises to build cost-effective networks. 

Meet SONiC Lite

SONiC Lite is a complete, scalable and sustainable solution that can be used on less demanding networking equipment. It is an optimized version of SONiC that utilizes less RAM, CPU, and storage capacities. In contrast to DC deployment, campus and edge require a less resource-heavy NOS solution, so SONiC Lite provides this necessary set of features:

  • L2 802.1q, xSTP (PVST+, RSTP, MSTP) LACP, Static LAG, LLDP, Storm Control;  
  • L3: static IPV4 and IPV6, DHCP Client, DHCP Server, DHCP Relay;  
  • ACL: l2/l3/l4;  
  • QoS; 
  • PoE;  
  • Port security, 802.1x, Root Guard;  
  • Management: SSH, unified CLI.

How you can use SONiC Lite

SONiC Lite is a production-ready SONiC distribution from PLVision for campus and edge deployments. We can also build a unified SONiC-based networking infrastructure for you based on SONiC Lite if you have a specific use case. If you are a networking equipment manufacturer, PLVision is also ready to help you with the enablement of  SONiC Lite.

Now we have the first demo version of SONiC Lite available with a full-functionality product forthcoming in December 2023. Please follow our instructions to set up SONiC Lite demo and try it our successfully.


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