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Seamless Network Connectivity for Your Hardware or Software Product

The rise of containers, virtualization, and server-oriented architecture sets increasingly high demands for networking infrastructure and connectivity. Connectivity remains a top data center concern for businesses. If done right, it can boost your hardware product’s functionality and performance.

The shift to SDN and NFV presents networking software vendors with a well of new business opportunities when it comes to hardware management. In today’s hyper competitive market, seamless and continuous connectivity is crucial for combining the parts of your product and making sure that your “killer features” are always up and running.

PLVision helps leading chip manufacturers in networking and server domains to accelerate and optimize their software solutions.

We cover device driver implementation, integration with kernel space components and special purpose software frameworks and platforms. Our engineers specialize in exposing hardware features to the software world, enabling hardware acceleration.

Our connectivity engineering services include firmware development for smart NICs, hardware offloading, network fabrics for special-purpose data centers and computing clusters, efficient network delivery for edge computing, connectivity for IoT devices.


Connectivity for semiconductors

Modern datacenter equipment is required to be compatible with a variety of orchestration systems (such as OpenStack, Kubernetes, Mesos), with their APIs, protocols and interfaces.

PLVision’s qualified engineers will ensure that your equipment is ready for all relevant deployment scenarios in a datacenter facility, or SDN/NFV infrastructure for Telecom industry.

Our portfolio includes integration and implementation of various northbound interfaces and management protocols, performed for leading technology providers and solution integrators.

Connectivity for original equipment

If you are just creating blueprints for your future product, involving an experienced Networking R&D team will ensure its efficient network connectivity. Our engineers can create a custom networking software fabric for a specialized data center, data and applications delivery for edge computing, or end-to-end connectivity for IoT devices.

As soon as we get the idea of your goal, we will quickly navigate to a fully functioning proof-of-concept, provide feasibility studies and benchmarking results. This way, you will detect potential risks as early as possible, and have a ready-to-use solution at hand within the optimal timeframe.

Сonnectivity for new Networking software

Planning to link your software product with Embedded technologies? PLVision’s experts can connect your existing networking software with a specific hardware platform, and enable fundamental software on it (e.g. bootloader, BSP, Linux) to ensure the entire infrastructure is up and running.

We can connect the necessary software components (communication stacks, application frameworks), land your product in a friendly, manageable environment, wrap it up with toolchains, enable continuous integrations, and prepare it for automated testing.

Connectivity for existing Networking software

Here is how PLVision enables our customers to effectively address industry and marketplace shifts. Learn about the value delivered through innovative solutions in our case studies.

Challenges you may have
Challenges you may have
  • Lack of internal engineering force with niche technological expertise
  • Need to enhance your product with advanced connectivity and integration options
  • Need for expert consultancy in an unfamiliar technology domain
  • Building competitive advantage and keeping up with SDx technology trends
Benefits you get
Benefits you get
  • Allocated specialized R&D team apt in proactive research, open source components, and a proven record of customer success
  • Strengthening your core development team with our niche expertise
  • Methodology-agnostic, adaptive team management approach
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 information security standard certification
Services we deliver
Services we deliver
  • Full cycle of networking solutions development
  • Software components development
  • Lab setup, automation and management
  • Solution verification (integration, compliance)
  • Open source software integration, adaptation and extension
  • Rapid prototyping, benchmarking and technology evaluation

We offer various engagement models aligned with your business needs, including team extension, dedicated team, and offshore development center.

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