Internet of Things

Key technologies for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things technology is disrupting organizations all over the world, holding a lot of promise. The benefits range from significant cost savings on the operational side to new digital business services and increased customer engagement.

The IoT technology transforms regular physical objects into “smart things” by connecting them and enabling to communicate with each other, sharing information and coordinating decisions. The Internet of Things revolution is enabled by such technologies as embedded systems, communication technologies, sensor networks, Internet protocols and applications as well as by other emerging technologies like Big Data analytics and cloud and fog computing. 

Our technology competencies cover all major areas to build advanced, innovative IoT solutions, helping you drive your business forward through digital transformation.

Industrial IoT

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Designing the IoT architecture

PLVision’s main strength is in-depth, cross-domain expertise in Internet of Things, Software-Defined Networking, Embedded Systems, and Cloud Computing, allowing us to provide top-notch custom solutions and consultancy.

  • Boards: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266
  • CPU Architectues: ARM, MIPS, x86
  • CPU Vendors: STM32, Broadcom, TI, Freescale, Intel
  • Hardware design, peripherals and sensors integration, firmware engineering
  • Industrial design and compliance certification
  • Wireless: WiFi, BLE, ZigBee, NFC, RFID
  • Protocols: STOMP, MQTT, ZeroMQ, web sockets, push notifications, custom protocols design
  • Industrial  networking: Modbus, GOOSE, CIP, MRP, PROFINET
  • IoT gateways: connectivity software (firmware) development, data pre-processing and normalization
  • API design
IoT Clouds
IoT Clouds
  • Infrastructure: Amazon, Google, OpenStack, Azure, Kubernetes
  • Platforms: Etherios, EVRYTHNG, Arrayent, Predix, Cloud Foundry, BOSCH, Intel
  • Big Data processing and analytics
IoT Applications and Infrastructure
IoT Applications and Infrastructure
  • Data aggregation and processing
  • IoT applications development: location monitoring, alarms and notifications, performance measurement, ERP integration
  • Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, predictive analytics
Human Interface
Human Interface
  • Web front-end applications
  • Cross platform Mobile User Interface
  • Embedded User Interface
  • Wearables, Augmented reality

IoT applications and beyond

With customer experience and business focus in mind, our IoT technology experts build custom full-stack solutions, starting with embedded, firmware development and connectivity to application development, web and mobile UI/UX.

Based on your business needs, we provide IoT-enabling services, in order to empower your running system with the Internet of Things on any layer, helping you derive tangible benefits from the latest technology.

IoT Case Studies

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Wireless Location Tracking System

SDN R&D for the Industrial Sector

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