An end-to-end open solution for optical transport is now enabled due to the collaboration of ONF and a member software R&D company. 

Today, ONF announced new capabilities of the recently released open-source solution, Stratum — the next-generation network operating system (NOS) for white box switches. Thanks to the collaboration of PLVision and the ONF community, Stratum is now available on Edgecore’s Cassini, a network switching platform with integrated optical transponders,

PLVision contributed Stratum code for this solution to support TAI and expose the new optical paths via gNMI. Stratum’s capabilities have been extended to support configuration and management of optical parameters including wavelength, modulation and optical power. These new capabilities enable Stratum to be deployed on the white box Cassini platform from Telecom Infra Project (TIP), an ODTN exemplar platform.

The ODTN (Open and Disaggregated Transport Network) solution now includes ONOS/Trellis controller software finalized by ONF and Stratum-supported boxes, exemplified by Edgecore’s Cassini. PLVision used the TAI library to extend the Stratum open NOS with optical transceivers configuration. TAI (Transponder Abstraction Interface) is another open-source initiative by TIP.   

“The ODTN can be considered an attempt to push SDN principles out of a familiar data center environment and apply them to wide area networks. Leveraging our solid expertise in open NOS integration, we are happy to join efforts with ONF to empower Stratum in bringing SDN advantages to optical equipment vendors,” said Leonid Khedyk, CTO at PLVision.

Stratum is the industry’s leading open-source switch operating system for data center white box switches supporting next-generation SDN interfaces, including P4, P4Runtime, gNMI and OpenConfig. 

Cassini includes integrated Broadcom switching silicon which is programmed by Stratum to offer Ethernet, IP, and MPLS functionality exposed through P4Runtime.  Combining control and configuration capabilities from Layer 0 to Layer 4, Stratum controlled by ODTN can be deployed as a powerful platform for Data Center Interconnect solutions, serving both as a spine for “leaf-spine” type architectures within the datacenter and as a packet optical transponder for the inter-datacenter connections.

Learn how we leveraged our advanced skills in open-source NOS development and integration to bring Stratum into the ODTN platform

ONF now offers the industry’s first fully open, end-to-end optical transport solution, including open software, open hardware, open APIs and YANG models. The ONF’s end-to-end stack will be demonstrated during live webinars with the combined set of ODTN and Trellis applications deployed on the ONOS controller.

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