PLVision, a European IT company specializing in Embedded Systems software development, has always seen its primary goal in extending the company’s professional expertise, as well as establishing productive relationships with like-minded partners. Within the framework of this mission, PLVision happily proclaims the acquisition of a Ukrainian software development company – Ostware Services.

PLVision and Ostware Services have been working together in a number of projects for several years. Having proven itself as a reliable and technologically advanced partner, Ostware Services has now become an integral part of PLVision.

Located in Ukraine, Ostware Services is a company that possesses a unique combination of European work ethic and Eastern European labour cost. That, and a wide range of technological expertise, makes Ostware Services a valuable addition to PLVision’s development resources.

As of today, PLVision and Ostware Services enter a brand new stage of collaboration, which is certain to be fruitful for many more years to come.